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Whether you’ve experienced damage to your property due to the severe weather systems that are common on the Gold Coast each year, you’ve suffered electrical or equipment failure that requires associated building work, or been the victim of an unfortunate internal flooding event either within your own property or from a property situated above or adjacent to you, Pacific Building & Maintenance are pleased to offer obligation free quotations for all types of building repairs, storm damage and insurance repairs.

We will complete a full inspection of the damage and prepare a Scope of Works that details exactly what repairs we believe are needed and what they will cost. Once you have read through this document we will of course be more than happy to answer any questions you may have in relation to the work.

If the damage is an insurable event and you are intending to make a claim, we can forward the details on to your insurer in a format that is acceptable to them. Once we’re all sorted with the proper authorisation, we will promptly get started on the repairs.


Each insurer will have a slightly different process when it comes to making a claim. The most important things to remember are:

  • Take lots of photos of the damage.
  • Make a list of any personal items that may also have been damaged. Try and get serial numbers or model numbers from electronic devices.
  • Keep notes on when you contacted your insurer and when you were contacted in return.
  • Read your policy carefully to see exactly what you are covered for.

If you find your policy confusing or you think you are not getting what you are entitled to we are happy to advise, also a quick call to your broker / insurer may help to sort things out.


Your insurance only covers you for the cost of bringing your home back to pre-loss condition, however, many of our clients take advantage of our presence to organise additional repairs or renovations beyond the scope of the insurance claim. This is definitely something that can be raised at the beginning of the process and which we are happy to undertake.

Let’s say your commercial kitchen equipment was damaged and the cost of the approved replacement was $2000 but you preferred a replacement model that was $2800, you could pay just the extra $800 yourself and upgrade to more superior equipment.

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